Do Women Need More Sleep Than Men?

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It seems that the Internet has been ablaze with recent studies saying that women require more sleep than men.

The problem with this, though—and there are those in our office who want to find these reports to be true more than anyone!—is that these statements aren’t exactly factual.

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In fact, they are more like an enormous exaggeration of the actual data that could otherwise be very useful for both men and women, alike.

The Controversy

Though it has pretty much been established that these false claims are the result of millions of people reading poorly written articles jumping to the conclusion that women indeed need more sleep than men, we can’t help but wonder what we can gain from this latest (falsely based) trend.

What stands out to those of us in the sleep industry is that people seem to be desperate for answers about sleep. So desperate, in fact, that they would happily share poorly interpreted science just for the glimpse of a reply to an apparently widespread sleep problem.

At Sleep Rite, we work hard to address those sleep problems, so let’s take a better look at what’s going on in the world of sleep science right now.

First was the wild spread of news claiming that women need more sleep than men, which is a pretty broad statement about sleep that makes most scientists crinkle their noses.

Van Winkles investigated this trend a bit further and pointed out that while sleep is a favorite study topic and there are indeed differences between men and women when it comes to it, these latest claims are pretty much pulled out of thin air.

The modern fitness and wellness magazine, Shape, also posted a similar article calling on its readers to think more critically about the current research on the topic rather than jumping on the share-button bandwagon.

The author of the article did a great job by making clear what the actual study claims. Now that we know that the survey isn’t only saying that women-need-more-sleep let’s talk about the true, and science-based, claims.

What Studies Actually Say

The original study that took the Internet by storm was done by Duke University of Medicine and looked at the relationship between poor sleep and poor health. Just as expected, they found that poor sleep and poor health are related (we all can guess that, right?).

What they also found, though, was that women are more negatively affected by poor sleep, making them more vulnerable to poor health.

The author of the study Edward Suarez, Ph.D., found that less sleep, or poor quality sleep, can increase the risk to not only physical ailments in women but also mental health issues. When the Internet caught wind of these findings, they misguidedly blasted headlines with a blanket statement that women need more sleep than men.

The fact, though, is that women don’t necessarily need more sleep, they should probably just take better care to get sleep.

Are You Struggling with Inadequate Sleep?

Whatever the cause of poor or deficient sleep, we know that it can wreak havoc on your day. Like it was stated earlier, there is a reason these stories spread like wildfire on the web. Sleep deprivation is a serious potential health risk, and it seems to be more of a risk for women than men.

We also know that sleep deprivation isn’t a one-size-fits-all issue. There could be some things affecting your sleep and potentially your overall health, as well.

Our professionals and technicians are equipped to diagnose and treat sleep disorders for both men and women, alike. Our years of experience helps us serve our clients, and our professional standards assist in ensuring that we read the latest sleep research carefully.

Contact us today for more information on how our professionals can help you get better sleep. Whether you need more sleep, better quality sleep or sleep adjustments, we can help you. Give us a call today!

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