Is A Sleep Lab Right for You?

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If you’re having trouble getting quality sleep, it may be because of any number of reasons.

Common sleep issues include insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, or restless leg syndrome.  You may even be able to fall asleep, but then have trouble staying asleep.


When any of these is the case, it’s time to turn to professional medical help. This help can come from a hospital, of course, but more and more people are turning to accredited sleep labs.

In this article, we will look at what a sleep lab is and how it differs from a hospital.

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What is a Sleep Lab?

Never heard of a sleep lab?

It’s a medical facility, like a doctor’s office, that provides a safe, clean environment for administering sleep studies in. During the sleep study, specialists will be monitoring the quality of your sleep to identify any issues you may have.

Sleep labs are designed with the understanding of how important it is for the quality of your sleep to be as close as possible to a typical night’s sleep and you will see that in the rooms provided.

Let’s take a closer look at how exactly a sleep lab differs from a hospital.

How is a Sleep Study Different from a Hospital?

Comfort of Home

A hospital will not typically offer you any of these amenities: your own bathroom, a homey, private room, quality bedding with plenty of blankets and pillows, and even a flat screen TV.

However, at a sleep lab you will have all of the above and more. There is 24-hour security, as well as a registered and licensed technician to oversee your sleep study.

Everything is designed to go smoothly without you having to worry about it. The technician’s only job is to observe your sleep and to ensure your comfort. They have no emergencies or other sick patients to be distracted by.

In contrast, if you’ve ever spent the night at a hospital before, you will know how difficult it is to fall asleep and rest well.

No Risk of Infection

At a hospital, there’s a risk of infection and contagion when sick patients are all in one place.

Being in that environment exposes you to the risk of picking up a new illness. Although there are processes in place to ensure a sterile environment, the truth is, healthcare-associated infections take place frequently in the United States.

Even just knowing that you may be exposed to that risk can affect your sleep cycle, causing you to not sleep as soundly. At a sleep lab, you will not have to face this risk – your sleep study will be conducted in a safe and clean environment.

Less Expensive

One important advantage of having a sleep study done at a sleep lab is cost-effectiveness. At a hospital, expect to pay between $2000 and $6000. While your insurance may help to offset the cost, it will still usually be significant.

At Sleep Rite, if you have insurance, you can expect to have a co-pay of less than $200. Even if you are not insured, a baseline study costs considerably less than at a hospital.


At our dedicated sleep lab, the entire process is taken care of in-house, from the study to diagnosing your disorder to getting treatment.

Getting treated, like receiving Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) treatment, will be easy and convenient.

Ready to Get to the Bottom of Your Sleeping Woes?

Sleep could not be more important to your overall wellbeing. At our sleep lab, your study will be safe, convenient, cost-effective, and comfortable.

It’s time to find out what’s really keeping you up at night.

Don’t put it off any longer. Contact Sleep Rite today to get your sleep study taken care of.

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