Sleep Apnea LaPlace

Sleep Apnea Treatment in LaPlace, LA

From Sleep Rite

Do you jerk awake at night gasping for breath? Are you tired all the time no matter how much sleep you get? You could have a very common condition known as sleep apnea. Untreated, sleep apnea could have an adverse effect on your health, so don’t delay. Call Sleep Rite in LaPlace for sleep apnea treatment today at 888-375-3388. We’ll help you get the sleep you need.

Why Am I Waking Up All the Time?

If you’re constantly waking, snorting and gasping for air, you may have sleep apnea. If you think you’ve stopped breathing, you’re right – sleep apnea is a condition that causes your natural breathing processes to halt while you sleep, sometimes hundreds of times. It can be dangerous, since obviously, if you’re not breathing, your brain and other vital organs aren’t getting the oxygen they need to function effectively. You may have sleep apnea if:

  • You wake in the morning with a sore throat, dry mouth, or a headache;
  • Your snoring wakes up the entire household;
  • You have no energy to perform routine daily tasks;
  • You’re too tired for sex;
  • You’re depressed or irritable.

These are all indications of sleep apnea. None of these symptoms should be ignored.

How Can I Get Help for Sleep Apnea?

In LaPlace, help is available from Sleep Rite. First we’ll do a sleep study, which is exactly what it sounds like – we study you while we sleep. There’s no pressure, you just come to our center in LaPlace and we’ll put you in a nice relaxing room where you’ll attempt to sleep. A technologist will connect you to monitoring equipment by means of sensors that are attached to your body. The equipment records the rhythm of your heart along with the movements of your eyes, your breathing, your brain activity and your muscle tension as you try to sleep. Then we’ll deliver the information that we gather to your doctor, who will determine whether or not you have sleep apnea. If you do, you can explore various options for treatment.

Do I Have to Have an Operation?

Maybe, but not necessarily. It depends on what’s caused the sleep apnea. If you have enlarged tonsils or a deviated septum that’s causing your sleep apnea, then surgery will most likely be indicated. Much of the time, though, the cause is something as simple as being overweight – all you’ll have to do is diet. In the meantime, though, your doctor will probably want you to wear a special type of mask that’s connected with a machine that sends air into your nasal passages while you sleep. This is called Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), and it’s the first course of treatment for sleep apnea. Once you’re on CPAP, then you can think about what’s actually causing the problem and how to go about fixing it.

The main thing is, don’t delay getting a diagnosis. Call Sleep Rite in LaPlace today for help with sleep apena. We’re at 888-375-3378, and we can help you get the rest you need.