Become a Sleep Rite Medical Partner Today!

Sleep Rite currently has a number of opportunities to become a Physician Partner!

Physicians who partner with Sleep Rite can reduce the referral, diagnostic, and therapy process by more than 50% when compared to industry averages. When partnering with Sleep Rite, referring Physicians receive all the tools required to better identify patients at risk for Sleep Apnea and other sleeping conditions as well as a proven algorithm for accurately diagnosing and prescribing the right therapy.

Why Choose Sleep Rite?

Sleep Rite ensures large multi-specialty group practices develop sleep labs which are both clinically effective and operationally successful. The Sleep Rite staff management expertise and staffing procedures create a turn-key joint venture diagnostic lab within 120 days of a signed agreement complete with:

  • Project and Operations Management
  • Best Clinical Practices
  • Documented Patient Outcomes
  • Scheduling
  • Verification of Benefits
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • CPAP Titration
  • Adherence Management Enrollment
  • Patient Outcomes Reports

Sleep Rite Partners Also Receive:

  • Validated Obstructive Sleep Apnea Screening Tools
  • Educational Materials for OSA
  • Pre-printed Referral Forms
  • Turnkey Customer Service Protocols

Contact the Sleep Rite Business Development Team Today

If you have any questions regarding partnership opportunities or would like more information, please contact us today. Our Business Development Team is available at your convenience to hear more about your specific needs or answer any questions you may have and will be more than happy to discuss your partnering opportunities.