Why Choose A Sleep Lab?

Increasingly, doctors have ceased sending their patients to hospitals for a sleep study because of one simple fact: It is almost NEVER in the best interests of the patient. Why? There are four basic reasons: Cost, Care, Comfort, and Convenience.

Cost: Most of your patients will save hundreds of dollars if Sleep Rite performs their study as opposed to a hospital because hospitals are typically allowed a significantly higher reimbursement for sleep studies. For example, Blue Cross’s contract with Sleep Rite typically allows about $700 for a baseline study. In contrast, its contract with a hospital often allows 2 to 3 times that amount. If we use the figure $2,000, which is typical, you can readily see why patients with coinsurance obligations or high deductibles will pay more at a hospital. A patient with an “80/20” policy will owe the hospital $400 in coinsurance, as opposed to just $140 to Sleep Rite. Worse, if the patient has a $2000 deductible, they owe the hospital $2000, but only owe Sleep Rite $700.

Care: Aside from cost (which everyone Cares about), here is why it simply makes no sense to have your patients spend the night in a hospital ward unless they absolutely have to: Let’s face it: Hospitals are where sick people congregate, and consequently, so do infections.  The CDC reported that in 2002, “the estimated number of HAIs (healthcare associated infections) in U.S. hospitals was approximately 1.7 million ….”  Over the past ten years, this number has only gotten worse, and has led the CDC to conclude:HAIs in hospitals are a significant cause of morbidity and mortality in the United States.” It’s just not worth the risk. Sleep Rite is accredited by the Joint Commission and is obligated to provide your patients with the highest level of care. We do that and a lot more.

Convenience: Sleep Rite provides a seamless continuum of care — a “one stop sleep shop.” Your patients can go to one convenient location and receive their study, and if needed, their CPAP machine and a host of other products designed to make their CPAP treatment comfortable and effective. Sending a patient to a hospital often means driving to a far off hospital and yet another trip to a DME company. And speaking of convenience, why should your patient have to go through the hassle of spending the night in a hospital? At Sleep Rite, they can step out of their car and into a luxurious bedroom. There is no need to traverse a huge parking lot or to navigate the typical hospital maze.

Comfort: At Sleep Rite, your patients will enjoy a luxurious sleep environment. We are dedicated to creating the optimum sleep environment. Your patients might as well be staying at a high quality hotel. Our labs are squeaky clean, safe and secure, and our technicians are super nice. Your patients won’t get that at a hospital.

In sum, your patients have a choice, and for a sleep study, there are many reasons why it should rarely, if ever, be a hospital. Sleep Rite is by far the best choice.

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