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If you’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea, you probably have heard about the mini-cpap design which makes it easier and more convenient to travel. Or, if you’re new to CPAP you may be interested to learn more about these tiny CPAP machines which are small enough to transport and which provide a wide variety of power options.

transcend mini CPAP machine

So what are these mini machines and what can they do for you? Let’s take a closer look.

Mini CPAP Overview

If you have sleep apnea, you’re surely familiar with Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy which usually needs to be performed every night to treat the condition. In order to travel with a CPAP machine, it needs to be robust, lightweight, portable and suitable for international use by providing integrated power.

New mini CPAP machines on the market meet all of these criteria. They come as a package that includes a universal mask adaptor, hose, masks and AC power supply, and they can be packed away in your bag for any type of travel.

You may be wondering how easy it is to travel overseas with a mini CPAP machine. After all, countries across the world may not have the same voltage as we do.

It is standard for most machines today to run on DC and AC voltage. The current running from wall outlets in the United States is 110 volts while those overseas are typically 220-240 volts.

However, many mini CPAP machines typically have optional batteries that make travel even easier.


One of the best mini CPAP machine currently on the market is Transcend. When you purchase the Transcend, you’ll receive the CPAP system, the universal hose adapter, the standard 6-foot CPAP hose, the universal AC power supply, a travel bag, a user information CD, a printed quick guide and the manufacturer’s warranty.

The Transcend is the lightest, smallest and most portable CPAP machine we have.

It is the first completely portable, fully-featured and fully-powered CPAP machine on the market. It weighs less than one pound and fits in the palm of your hand. This makes it ideal for travel and even for use at home.

One unique feature of the Transcend is the air bearing blower that makes the machine vibration-free and quiet. It can deliver therapy at a quiet 29 dB sound pressure level and it can adjust for altitude up to 8,000 feet.

Leak detection and AHI therapy is standard in this machine so users have the comfort of knowing the therapy is working every night.

Overnight battery system

With this machine, you’ll have two battery options.

The Transcend P8 Multi night Battery and Transcend P4 Overnight Battery systems provide an innovative technology for CPAP performance that do not require much power. It provides a full night’s sleep anywhere with uninterrupted power, even during brown-outs and storms.

The battery on this unit is small and only weighs half a pound. However, it’s noted that different pressure settings, temperature, altitude and breathing habits can affect the actual run time of the battery so be sure to test your results at home.

Mobile power adapter

This unit also comes with a 19-volt mobile power converter that powers then recharges the Transcend Sleep Apnea Therapy system and battery.

The adapter on this unit allows the Transcend to be used from any other DC battery source, and also connects to the standard cigarette lighter socket that you’ll find in most vehicles.


The Transcend comes with a generous 3-year Manufacturer’s Warranty. It is voided by water damage, negligence or damages that are caused outside of the standard 3-year manufacturer warranty.

At Sleep Rite, we have over 20 years of experience counseling sleep apnea suffers on many aspects of treatment.

We will be happy to help you pick a machine that is perfect for your traveling needs, no matter if you spend more time going across the world or staying in your own bedroom; we have a CPAP solution for you. Contact us today anywhere in Metro New Orleans to find out more about mini CPAP from Transcend and get a peaceful sleep wherever you are!