Is Sleep Apnea A Man’s Disease?

Thursday, 27 August 2015 by
To many people, a diagnosis of sleep apnea seems like something that should only happen to older men who are a little heavier than they should be. It is perhaps surprising then, that scientists have concluded that disruptive sleep apnea has a greater effect on women than it does on men. We get many questions
When someone is suffering from PTSD, it is difficult for them and their family living with them. Sometimes nightmares and flashbacks occur immediately after an experience, while other times it can take months. These PTSD symptoms can be very disturbing and cause a great amount of stress in everyday life. There are many who struggle
Everyone has had those nights when they just can’t sleep. Sometimes it’s because our minds are racing or because we’re stressed, but for others, it feels like no matter what we do, the room is just too hot. While people may have wrestled with their sheets and their air conditioning to no avail, the real
Feel like you need to lose a few pounds? You’re not alone. Over two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese, and you don’t need to see yet another mail-order food commercial to know that just about everyone has an idea for a weight loss solution. However, shedding pounds may require more than eating right and

Can Sleep Apnea Cause Asthma?

Tuesday, 21 April 2015 by
Sleep apnea is a serious condition that is getting more and more publicity. The more studies that are done on the effects of sleep apnea, the more serious the condition appears to be. Some of this upswell of public knowledge on sleep apnea can definitely be traced to when famed NFL football player Reggie White
Everyone knows that they should pull over when they begin to feel drowsy when driving, but what happens when drowsiness is almost a constant state? For many who don’t get the amount of good, restful sleep they need each night, this is an everyday occurrence, and research shows that these poor sleepers are much more
When it comes to relationships, everyone has advice. They’ll tell you that the key to happiness in love is communication, understanding, patience, and/or appreciation of your partner. However, a recent study has found that the key to a longer-lasting, more loving relationship may actually be something very surprising and very simple: good sleep! According to
If you have been asked to undergo an in-lab sleep study, or polysomnogram, you may be a bit nervous about the procedure. The best way to beat those nerves is to find out exactly what to expect when it’s time for your study. What Is a Sleep Study? Sleep studies are a method of figuring

How Do I Know if I Have Sleep Apnea?

Sunday, 28 December 2014 by
Have you been feeling fatigued lately? Does it seem like, no matter how early you go to bed, you wake up feeling exhausted, as if you didn’t sleep at all? These symptoms are very closely associated with a number of sleep disorders, but principal among them is obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). OSA is caused by
The costs of not getting enough sleep at night are greater than you may even realize. Lack of sleep and sleep problems can lead to serious consequences for a person’s long-term health and it can result in obesity, hypertension and diabetes risks being increased. Researchers have long held up the fact that people who consistently