How Sleep Apnea Can Endanger Truckers

Friday, 17 October 2014 by
There is no arguing with the fact that truck drivers have a difficult occupation. Between the constant challenges they find on the road, the hours spent behind the wheel, living out of their truck and even the isolation, it takes a special kind of person to be a trucker. However, adding to the challenges of
If you believe that you suffer from sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy, or restless leg syndrome, a sleep study may be your first step toward getting the right treatment and getting good, consistent sleep again. However, a lot of people hesitate to take this important step. They think that a sleep study will be expensive, uncomfortable,

Why Is Sleep Health Important?

Monday, 25 August 2014 by
It’s probably fair to say that most of us could do with more and/or better sleep. However, you might also not be aware of just how important good sleep health is. A lot of people these days treat sleep almost as a luxury and justify low amounts of it as just part of life. But,
You already know that getting proper, restful sleep is essential to living a healthy life. Lack of sleep can lead to a number of problems at work, in your social life, and for your health. What if you just can’t sleep? What if your breathing is interrupted so often during the night that your body
Sleep apnea is a common condition in which “breathing repeatedly stops and starts as you sleep.” (Sleep Apnea) It can cause a variety of different problems, like fatigue during the day, lack of concentration skills, slower reflexes, and cloudy thinking. Additionally, chronic sleep apnea can lead to a variety of different health conditions, like heart
Obstructive Sleep Apnea , or OSA, is a sleep disorder that can be very serious if left untreated. While there are certain risk factors, such as being overweight, anyone of any age, gender, or weight can develop it. With this condition, a person actually temporarily stops breathing while asleep, due to their muscles relaxing enough