Simple Ways to Make CPAP Easier

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Staying compliant with your CPAP treatment is the most important factor in successful sleep therapy. After suffering the consequences of sleep apnea for so long, relief is available as long as you can stay consistent with giving yourself the help you need.


Luckily, Sleep Rite is here to make it easy for you. We have a wealth of helpful tips to offer to assist you on your treatment journey – the first step is getting yourself educated.


Many people struggle to follow through with their CPAP therapy. Most of the time, it has to do with the CPAP mask – either ill-fitting, uncomfortable, or just a challenge getting used to, it causes people to abandon CPAP treatment completely.

Even though it has been proven to be an effective treatment, non-compliance reduces the chances of the patient receiving its benefits. CPAP mask treatments need to happen for at least 4 hours a night to see any improvement in sleep conditions.

These benefits include a reduction in blood pressure, a reduction in excessive daytime sleepiness, improvement in cognitive functions like memory recall, and functional outcomes of sleepiness and executive function.

Tips on Staying Compliant

There are some things you can do in order to maximize the benefits of sleep therapy, and to stay compliant on your journey. Here are some tips that may be useful:

Making healthy choices other than wearing your CPAP mask is important. An important way to start is by practicing good sleep hygiene. This consists of performing a series of rituals or habits that help you get to sleep in a timely way, stay asleep longer, and have sleep that restores you every night.

Getting rid of electronics from the bedroom, having a diet that promotes sleep and not partaking of caffeine or alcohol before bed, as well as getting regular exercise are all part of good sleep hygiene.

Losing weight can also help as it assists in making high-pressure settings easier to tolerate. Conversely, weight gain can contribute to the need for even higher pressure settings.

Know Your Risk

Being educated about the consequences of leaving your sleep apnea untreated is key. Some of these consequences include heart conditions, having a higher risk of stroke, heart failure, as well as coronary artery disease.

It can also lead to daytime sleepiness, which puts the patient at risk of driving accidents or accidents at work. There are also performance issues at work or school, memory troubles, mood swings and even depression.

Understanding these very real consequences can help patients to understand the importance of following through with treatment.

By increasing support from care providers, such as including more face to face physician time, nurse time, phone calls and follow-up appointments, the likelihood of following through with treatment increases.

Sleep Rite Offers Support

Our staff is knowledgeable about sleep apnea and all facets of treatment and can help maintain your confidence in the therapy you are receiving.

Our main priority is to make sure you do not feel isolated or like you are walking this treatment path alone. You will be supported throughout your entire journey, from awareness to diagnosis to successful treatment. There are a wealth of resources available to guide you along your treatment journey.

With compliance monitoring and real-time access to patient data for all care partners – physicians and sleep labs – it’s an easy and efficient way to identify and address all treatment compliance issues.

All the therapy devices and equipment are safe, reliable and easy to use, increasing chances of successful treatment.

We understand it can be difficult to stick to your CPAP plan, especially at the start of your treatment journey. Let us help you get to where you need to be, for your health, happiness, and well-being.

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